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How do I maintain my current shade?

Now that you have your ideal shade, you can use our Daily Conditioners whenever you would regular conditioner to replace any pigment lost when shower. These milder formulas will deposit just the right amount of color while moisturizing your hair and keeping it healthy. Some shades might stain your hands a little, so be sure to look for our "wear gloves" warning in the product description.

Currently rocking a unique shade? All oVertone conditioners are blendable, so you can mix and match shades to find your ideal hue. Try a few sample sizes to test out custom combinations before committing to a full-size product.

If you have more questions, or aren't sure the best Daily Conditioner shade to maintain your color, our Color Consultants would be happy to give you advice on how to achieve the hair of your dreams. Just submit a new ticket through our help page with a pic of your current hair (in natural light, no filters please!) and a pic of what you're looking to get!

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