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Will oVertone work on my hair?

oVertone is effective on all hair types and textures, and it's curl-friendly! Final color results can vary depending on starting hair color (e.g. if your hair is brown, the final color result of Vibrant Red will look much more muted on your strands than it would on a platinum blonde head of hair). Be sure to read the info below the “Will it work on my hair?” icon on all of our product pages to determine if your chosen shade will be effective. We also provide strand photos on every product page to help clients visualize their individual results!

Because there are several factors that affect how each person's hair picks up pigments, your results may differ slightly from what you see in the strand tests on our site. We always recommend that you do a strand test before applying all over to make sure you can achieve your desired result! Check out this video to see how to do that.

If your color didn’t turn out as you wanted, we’re happy to issue store credit (and advice!) so you can get another shade to correct your color! You can find more information here.

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