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What's the difference between Pastel, Vibrant, Extreme, and For Brown Hair shades?

We provide different shades to choose from within each color family so you have complete control over your look!


Our Pastel line contains 20% of our color formula and is meant for those who like to maintain a hint of subtle color. Since these colors are so delicate, we recommend starting shades of light to platinum blonde for a visible color payout. They can be a great alternative to our Toning Conditioners as well, especially for darker strands that require more pigment! 


Our Vibrant line contains 60% of our color formula and is meant for those who have a bold, bright look. These shades can produce results ranging from vivid color on light to platinum blonde to a subtle hint of color on medium brown strands. 


Our Extreme line contains 100% of our color formula and is meant for those who want electric, head-turning color without the risk of fading. These conditioners can add bright electric color on strands light brown and lighter, and a subtle hue on hair darker than a medium brown. 


Our For Brown Hair line is similar to our Extreme formula in pigment levels, but they also contain high levels of warm pigments (even in the cooler shades)! Warm pigments better allow the color to show up on warm, brown starting. Due to their large amount of pigments, these shades can have results ranging from a bold pop of color on light brown to a subtle tint on darker brown. 

If you're not sure which intensity is best for you, our Color Consultants would be happy to give you advice on how to achieve the hair of your dreams! Just submit a new ticket through our help page with a pic of your current hair (in natural light, no filters please!) and a pic of what you're looking to get!

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