Why should I use oVertone instead of regular conditioner?

oVertone pigmented conditioners have a massive leg up on your regular conditioner. At the risk of sounding a little biased, our products are specifically created to be the absolute best thing for your fantasy color (and often pre-lightened or pre-bleached) hair. Here's why:

  1. oVertone conditioners deposit color evenly throughout your hair to keep strands looking bright and beautiful all the time. Your color will look just as vibrant six weeks later as it did the day it was dyed with regular use.
  2. Using oVertone conditioners means you won't need to color your hair nearly as often, or at all, which means less damage. Because you're replenishing pigment each time you condition, you can do it more often, which is extra-moisturizing and healthy for your hair. More regular moisturizing means you can safely use heat tools with WAY less damage.
  3. Finally (we saved the best for last), you can wash and rinse your hair with HOT WATER. That's right. Hot water. No more cold rinses for you!

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