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How are oVertone pigmented conditioners better for my hair than a homemade cocktail of dye + conditioner?

oVertone Color Conditioners were designed to have some major benefits over DIY dye-in-conditioner cocktails because they don’t contain any of the harsh and harmful chemicals that are found in traditional dyes.


Unlike our carefully formulated pigmented conditioners, mixing a direct or semi-permanent dye with plain conditioner often requires a lot of guesswork. Since the two likely don't have the same viscosity, or have ingredients selected to play nicely together, your results may be patchy or uneven! 


Another thing to consider is all the drying acids and alcohols that can be found in other direct/semi-permanent dyes. This can disrupt the balance of oils and emollients in your regular white conditioner, which affects its hydrating power! By making a homemade cocktail of dye + conditioner, you may be cancelling out the humectants (moisturizers) and emollients that are meant to deliver the hydration that your hair needs! If your hair is bleached or otherwise processed, it most likely needs as much hydration you can throw its way. Not only that, but the mix may now have an unbalanced pH, adding to those harsh ingredients that dry out your hair, making it frizzier and less manageable. That’s definitely not what oVertone is about!


Lastly, and possibly most importantly, oVertone is designed to work best when rinsed with hot water! You heard that right, no having to take cold showers to preserve your fav shade. Rinsing with warm and hot water gently lifts the cuticle, which allows some of the pigments that haven’t yet deposited to break through! Then the nourishing conditioning ingredients in our formula smooth the cuticle for soft, shiny locks!

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