How are oVertone pigmented conditioners better for my hair than a homemade cocktail of dye + conditioner?

Mixing dye with conditioner is NOT the same or as good for your hair as oVertone. Unlike a dye/conditioner cocktail or a conditioner based dye, oVertone does not open your hair’s cuticle using damaging chemicals or heavy alcohols — your strands' cuticles are actually already open to some degree (unless you've never blow-dried, been in the sun, or used shampoo). Instead, hair's existing porosity (e.g. any level of damage from things like heat styling, sun exposure, harsh shampoos, or bleaching) plus *hot* water allows the pigment in our conditioners to absorb into your strands. Then the nourishing conditioning ingredients in our formula smooth the cuticle for soft, shiny locks!

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