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Can I use Daily Conditioners to tone brassy hair?

Yes! First, identify if your brassy undertones are yellow or orange. Use Pastel Purple Daily Conditioner for yellow undertones, and Pastel Blue Daily Conditioner for orange undertones. Purple is opposite of yellow on the color wheel, and blue is opposite of orange, and you always want to go with opposites for cancellation toning. Then, combine your choice of Daily Conditioner with Remedy for Fine Hair or any other white conditioner you use regularly to lessen the intensity. The lighter/blonder your hair is, the less pigment you need. 

For platinum hair, we recommend a ratio of 3:1 Remedy for Fine Hair to Daily Conditioner, and 2:1 Remedy to Daily Conditioner for lighter brown hair. Apply the mixture to wet hair and rinse immediately.


As always, we recommend strand testing before applying to your entire head, to determine if your ratio is correct (and to prevent hair from absorbing too much pigment). If you’re looking for more information about toning, check out this step by step article here. To purchase everything you need to tone your hair at home, grab one of our kits here.


If you're not sure which brassy tone you're seeing, or think you may have more than one, our Color Consultants would be happy to give you advice on how to achieve the hair of your dreams. Just submit a new ticket through our help page with a pic of your current hair (in natural light, no filters please!) and a pic of what you're looking to get!


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