If you realized you need to order a different color, or want to send your order to a different address, we've built in a 12 hour window (2 hours if you selected Expedited Shipping) to make any changes you need. To make those changes, log into your oVertone account here and you'll be able to make those changes.

If you don't have an account, create one using the email used at ordering, and your order will show.

If it is past the 12 hour mark (2 hours for Expedited Shipping), then unfortunately we are not able to make any changes to that order. Once you receive your order, you can start the returns process for a refund or exchange. If the order cannot be delivered, it will be returned to oVertone. Once we receive it, we will happily send your order to a new address. 

While we aren't able to divert your package to a new address once it's left our warehouse, we do suggest contacting the carrier or your local post office to set-up a forwarding address for future shipments!

If the order was successfully delivered to your address but you are unable to receive your package, please know that we are unfortunately not able to resend that order. If you purchased Route package insurance, please file a claim. If you did not add Route package insurance to your order, please reach out to the location your package was delivered to see how to retrieve your order.