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I've heard Silver can appear green, how do I prevent that?

Since silver is basically a mix of all primary colors, the final result is heavily dependent on the starting hair color. A neutral platinum base is your best bet for a true silver—hair that's cool-toned can lead to blue strands, and hair that's too warm can lead to green strands. 

No worries —  adding some Pastel Purple Daily Conditioner to your Silver can help prevent those green hues. Since you'll be slightly diluting your silver when adding the purple, you'll want to grab Pastel Purple rather than our Purple Toning Conditioner. The extra pigment in our Pastel Purple Daily Conditioner will give the right amount to avoid a green hue without diluting the Pastel Silver too far. Check out this video about achieving the perfect shade of Silver, without green tones and 
this blog post that talks all about silver hair!

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