oVertone's pigmented conditioners will start depositing color as soon as they touch the surface they're applied to — ideally, we want that to be your hair, but even the most careful application can leave a stray bit of color on your skin or in the shower! Your best bet to keep color off your hands is to use gloves when applying oVertone (and we include a pair in every package so you're all set for your first application). If you're winging it without gloves, wind up with a colorful hairline, or spill some conditioner in the sink, no worries — we're here to help. We asked our staff for tips on removing oVertone stains, and here's what they had to say! 

Skin Stains

  • "Going at skin stains (very gently!) with a pumice stone lifts the color and gives you really smooth skin in the process. 
  • If I’ve got oVertone on my scalp and I don’t see it until after I’m out of the shower, a dry washcloth to the spot takes it right off."
  • "Makeup remover cleanser or wipes for skin."
  • "For hand stains I wash my hands with baking soda."
  • "For face/neck stains, micellar water or witch hazel." 

Surface Stains

  • "For shower/sink stains: stainless steel scrubber and powdered steel/porcelain cleaner. I’d also recommend scrubbing in a circular motion."
  • "Sink and shower staining? First off, you’ll want to check out what your surface is made out of, so you don’t damage it! (Especially if you’re like me and renting!) For counters, I find if the conditioner hasn’t sat that long, a makeup wipe or some rubbing alcohol will clear that right up! If it’s been there a while, I’ll use a cleaner with bleach in it, and let that sit for a few minutes before rinsing. For tubs and showers, I’ll spray the walls and floor with that same surface cleaner, let it sit for 30 min - an hour and then clean it off. Usually that’ll lift the color right off. Sometimes there’s a spot or two that are a little more stubborn, so I’ll go in with a melamine foam scrubber to snag the rest of it."
  • "For tub stains I use a melamine foam scrubber. For really hard-to-get-stains, I’ll rip an old shirt, douse it with bleach and let it sit on the stain for...until I feel like it." 


  • "99% rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball for both skin/scalp stains and sink/shower stains. Be vigilant about catching all staining as soon as it happens."

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