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What payment types does oVertone accept?

We currently offer five different payment types! For Express checkout, you can choose Express checkout through ShopPay or GooglePay. There's AfterPay if you're interested in making four smaller payments, and we also accept PayPal and most credit cards! If you're wondering what the difference is between these options, keep reading!




       This is one of our Express checkout methods! It works through Shopify, which is an online e-commerce platform, and uses your stored and saved payment information to place your order. If you'd like to use ShopPay to make your purchase, just click on the appropriate button at the top of the page once you've started the Check Out process!



It'll be present at the very beginning when you're asked to enter your shipping information, and every page along the way until you finish the process. If you've never used ShopPay before and don't have your information stored with them, you'll be asked to sign up and submit that information once you click the link.


If you've used ShopPay before and have your information stored with them, there will be a pop-up immediately upon entering the Check Out process asking you to enter a security code which will have been automatically sent to the phone number on file with Shopify. It will look like this: 


However, you do not have to continue with this payment method if you do not want to. You can click the X at the top right corner of the pop up to go back to the Check Out process and continue with your preferred payment method. 



  •     GooglePay is another one of our Express checkout options that connects to your Google account! Again, if you've never used GooglePay before and click on the button, a pop-up will appear asking you to fill out your billing and shipping information. Since it's linked to your Google account, that information will be stored for easy-fill on other sites that support GooglePay. 



    PayPal is another payment option available! If you'd like to use PayPal, there will be a place to do so on the payment page of the Check Out process. 

If you have that selected, you'll be sent to PayPal's website after hitting the "Complete Order" button to log in or sign up and finish your purchase. You'll receive a confirmation email from PayPal once that transaction is processed.



        AfterPay is a service that allows you to make your purchase in four (4) interest free installments, due every two (2) weeks! If you're interested in using this method to place your order, just click the bubble on the payment page of the Check Out process. Similar to PayPal, you'll be redirected to their website to sign in or make an account once you click the "Complete Order" button. 


   It is important to note that AfterPay is not offered for Canadian orders, and there is a minimum order total of $30 to qualify.

Credit/Debit Card

    As with most stores, oVertone also accepts most credit/debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover! If you don't choose one of the methods listed above, you'll have to enter in your payment information on the last page of the Check out process. 


It's important to know that we don't save your payment information, so at checkout our system defaults to using the shipping address as the billing address. If your shipping address and billing address are different, be sure to double check that information before proceeding!



Please note: sometimes when our system submits a charge the card issuer will place a temporary hold, which can appear for a different amount from your order. We have no control over whether or how much your bank holds, but when your bank clears the transaction you should see the pending amount fall off and the amount charged will match your order confirmation. 


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