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Does oVertone work on kids' hair?

You can totally use oVertone pigmented conditioners to add color to your child's hair! 

That being said, kid's hair tends to be super healthy, and therefore can be resistant to pigment. Because of this, we always recommend grabbing our more pigmented Extreme and For Brown Hair shades! Our lighter Pastel and Vibrant shades don't tend to leave much of a visible color payout.

If you try a strand test on your kid's hair and don't see the color taking, it's possible that the structure of that hair is making it difficult for the pigment to soak in. When this happens, we normally recommend bleaching or processing your hair with a traditional dye first, and then use oVertone for upkeep. However, since you probably don't want to bleach your child's hair in order for the color to take, we've got a couple tricks to boost you can try to boost the color payout! 

  • Using a clarifying shampoo (brand doesn't matter as long as it's got sulfates in it!) the next time they shower can help roughen up their hair strands, opening up the cuticles. We'd also recommend only shampooing the next time they wash their hair, since conditioners will smooth out the hair strands, closing up the cuticles some.
  • Leaving it on the hair for a bit longer also gives it more time to soak up the pigment, and since oVertone has no harsh or harmful chemicals, it won't damage their hair no matter how long you leave it! Just be sure to cover their hair, to make sure the oVertone doesn't dry on their strands. Dried oVertone can be difficult to rinse.
  • While you're there you can try adding some heat - heat can open the hair shaft to allow more pigment to penetrate deeper in to the hair strand. Check out this blog post for more info. When you're finished rinsing out the oVertone, flashing a little cool water over it can help that hair strand close again, which can help it last a bit longer. Doesn't need to be super cold and you won't have to run it over their hair for very long - just enough to cool off their  hair before drying it!

Make sure to start off with a strand test and if the shade is brighter than you had hoped for, know that you can add some plain white conditioner to soften the intensity! We always recommend that you do a strand test before applying all over to make sure you can achieve your desired result!

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