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Have more color questions? Here are answers to the ones we get the most.

How do I use oVertone?

For everything you need to know about application, check out this Complete Guide.

How long will oVertone last in my hair?

Typically, most users report their color lasting between 2-20 washes. But how long oVertone lasts in your hair will depend on individual factors like porosity, texture, health of hair, and how often you shampoo. Because it is a semi-permanent hair co

Will oVertone cover my grays?

Many users report that our Coloring Conditioners successfully cover their grays. That said, every head of gray hair takes color differently. Start with a sample size Coloring Conditioner and do a strand test on a hidden piece of hair to see how it wo

What is the difference between the Daily and Coloring Conditioner?

oVertone Coloring Conditioners are the first step in your hair color journey. Use them for initial color application, starting with dry hair. Make sure to saturate your hair thoroughly wherever you want to see color. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and re

What is the difference between Pastel, Vibrant, Extreme, and For Brown Hair?

These are the names of our hair color collections, and they indicate how pigmented each shade is and what kind of color payoff you can expect. Pastel: Subtle, soft shades that work on platinum or light blonde hair. Vibrant: Bright fantasy colors that

Is oVertone safe for kids/pets/pregnant women?

oVertone is safe for humans of all ages, but please check with a doctor before use while pregnant. And please don’t use our products on your furry or feathered friends! Certain ingredients in our formulas, like essential oils, may irritate their sens

Where can I find a complete list of ingredients?

Right this way! You can also check the Ingredients tab on any product page.

How do I remove oVertone?

Ready to change things up? Grab The Fader Clarifying Shampoo — formulated to gently remove semi-permanent color. Depending on the vibrancy you chose and number of applications, fading may take several washes. You can also use a direct dye remover. Le

Does oVertone stain?

Coloring and Daily Conditioners will start depositing pigment wherever they land, so it’s a possibility. We recommend wearing an old t-shirt and gloves; and we include one pair of gloves in each package for your first application. We also have plant-

What is oVertone's Return Policy?

First-Time-Try Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your results, we’ll help you make it right!. Refunds and Store Credit. For all other orders, to be eligible for a refund, requests must be submitted 15 days from order date. Requests submitted be

Do you offer Subscriptions?

Yes! Never run out of your favorite products again. Choose to have them shipped monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months and enjoy 10% off each subscription order! It's easy to subscribe and save! Find your product and click more details. Once on t

Can I change what is in my subscription?

Absolutely! As long as it is 24hrs before your Next Ship Date, you can change the products, skip, cancel, or even have the order sent to a friend or alternate address. Simply log into your subscription here and make sure to save your changes!.

What if I need to cancel a subscription?

Simply log-in here, at least 24 hours before your next billing date, and select the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the page.